Apr 11, 2021

The Latest eCommerce Website Design Trends In 2021

Have you thought of transforming your brick-and-mortar store into a digital platform? However, eCommerce brands new to this digital world have to adjust their website designs based on the latest trends.

In the past few months, we have noticed a change in the shopping habits of modern consumers. That is why our eCommerce web developers at Leonix Studios have focused on the latest design trends. We try to provide our clients with the best eCommerce web designs. Let us check out what website design trends will revolutionize the eCommerce world in 2021.


The term- material design has now gained high popularity among web designers. It refers to content-focused design with a modernistic and vibrant style. You can find a minimalistic look with shadowy effects. Moreover, designers apply the concept of depth and motion for material design. As a team of reliable designers, we create beautiful interfaces, which reflect a realistic look.

Dynamic images for your products

You know that shoppers always desire high-quality product photos. However, they like to find a touch of dynamism in product images. Dynamic product photos enable your consumers to make the right decision. You can use moving images and videos to portray every detail of your product.

Dynamic product photos best for your eCommerce landing pages, product pages, and homepage. To ensure better results, we test out the ways that will increase the conversion rates in product pages.

Images are the best attention-grabber for your potential consumers. That is why you need to add the most compelling visuals to your websites. Multifarious images have become a trend in the eCommerce website design field. They are quality-oriented visuals that can increase the engagement rate.

Cinema-graphs and animations

2021will be the year of cinema-graphs and animations that add value to your eCommerce website design. These GIFs can make your static pages visually attractive. We can use them for your background images and home page banners. These elements add fun to the shopping session.

Another notable trend for eCommerce website designs is cinema-graphs. Cinema-graph refers to the still picture with slight animation effects. It can create eye-pleasing effects on users. Moreover, you can hire our professional graphic designers for interactive CTA, loading bars, icon rotations, and button spins. Grab your target customers’ attention with these elements.

Chatbots getting more advanced

ArtificialIntelligence and chatbots are not something new to e-store owners. However, you can find advancements in chatbots, as they can direct potential buyers to go through their purchase journey.

ThisAI-enabled chatbot also helps your website visitors to book a schedule for an appointment.Moreover, it provides shoppers with a personalized experience based on their activities on the website. However, make sure that your chatbot sends a relevant message to customers.  

Dark Mode

The darker interface reduces eye strain on users, and this Dark Mode has become a preferable choice for eCommerce website designers. In most cases, this mode automatically gets activated at night. It is true for Android users. But, iPhone users have an option for controlling the Dark Mode based on their needs.As you do not know about your audiences’ preferences, you have to make your website pleasing and attractive in Dark Mode.

These latest design trends will help you to understand how they will affect eCommerce websites. It may not be easy for you to implement these trends and adjust your website design. That is why you can rely on our professionals to accomplish this task. Leonix Studios has a team of qualified designers to manage your eCommerce website design. You will find abetter result from it.

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